Consumer Credit Reforms Welcome

It is with great anticipation that we here at Viking await the proposed new reforms to consumer lending laws, which the government has positioned as moving away from a "one-size-fits-all" approach to consumer lending approach, to assist with ensuring retail customers and small businesses can get easier access to credit, as the national economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. More detail of the proposed reforms are included in the Treasurer's statement here and accompanying Consumer Credit Reform Fact Sheet.

For too many months now we have all suffered at the hands of draconian, overly socialist type banking laws, only designed to hold back the futures and livelihoods of low and middle class people, hardworking families and small business owners and is such great news to see common sense from the incumbent government prevailing at last.

Despite any marked changes to the banking world however, we at Viking remain committed to providing excellence with our on-going credit advisory works, as well as our determination to help meet the investment goals for property investors and small and medium size businesses utilising our services, and through our most excellent alliance with the NAB Group, BLSSA, Advantedge and Fast Systems and Technology in the specific areas of consumer finance, to enable us to keep fully and comprehensively up-to-date with all new and proposed industry reforms, and consumer credit advisory practices.

Roll-on 'The Reforms' !

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