For Mortgage Brokers, Business & Real Estate Agents


By partnering with Viking, Mortgage Brokers gain immediate access to an extensive network of Private Lenders, Managed Mortgage Funds and Property Consultants throughout Australia, as well as specialist commercial finance knowledge not normally available to Brokers and their clients.  


The major benefit of being a Viking Introducer is being able to deliver to your client a seamless financing solution while you concentrate on generating incoming via your core business. In short, you introduce the client, we will fully assess the deal and if it flies we will then prepare and submit a comprehensive credit application for submission to suitable lenders or likely investors. Once a pre-approval is provided we will then manage the entire due diligence process until the loan is finally settled to ensure the conditions of the facility are achieved as quickly as possible.


After settlement of your client's loan facility we will also pay you the pre-agreed share of success fees generated on presentation of your tax invoice. At Viking we value highly our commercial relationships with Introducers and their clients that is why our mandate to all Introducers is to provide the best and most prudent financing solutions from lender to borrower to create win-win scenarios for all involved.
Viking has a thorough knowledge of the industry and are driven to provide the best level of communication and advice to your clients, and we are available to attend meetings, phone conferences or even site inspections and where required to work with any uncommitted clients to seek a formal engagement.