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If it floats, flies, sells-on-the-open-market, real-time trades, bangs, whirs & whistles or just motors along, Viking can fund your proposed asset purchase with a range of business and consumer finance solutions, tailored to your individual needs. 


With access to some of the best commercial loan products in the 'Asset Lending' space, we can provide a variety of loan products such as chattel mortgages, leases, plant & equipment lines of credit, debt factoring, as well as secured, and also in some cases, unsecured business cash flow loans for worthwhile purpose. Alternatively, and where required, we can also cater to individuals who are simply seeking something as vanilla flavoured as a personal loan and/or car lease via our array of well-honed Panel Lenders currently competing with each other in the area of Consumer & Business Finance.  


So if you need to add a Boat, Car, Truck, IT & Office Equipment, Manufacturing Tools, increase your Stock & Inventory, complete a Factory Fit-Out, or even buy an established business, why not give us a call and ask us to customise the best possible financing package either your business or for your own family or personal needs. You can also click on our On-Line Loan Application Form if you would like us to provide you with a quick, no-fuss, rate quote or further details about our preferred lending solution and/or our most highly recommended financing structure.