Corporate Overview

Viking Capital Group, (Viking), was originally formed in 2008 as a Joint Venture between the Sydney based; Jarvis Consulting, and the Gold Coast based; Business Development Lawyers, but the actual partnership commenced two years earlier in 2006, prior to it's 2008 incorporation.


Our Charter 

Whether it be as a Private Lender or a Mortgage Broker, Viking provides general credit assistance to individuals and businesses who wish to apply for credit.


Before we provide any credit assistance we assess the proposed credit requirement against various credit based loan products that may be suitable for the Borrower's intended purpose.


As part of the credit assistance process, we make reasonable inquiries to verify any proposed loan facility will meet both the Borrowers, and Lenders requirements, and also, to ascertain that any proposed loan purpose is not only commercially viable, and importantly, to ensure that any proposed Borrower(s) can meet any proposed loan principle and interest repayments, (plus all and any associated loan costs), including provision for any loan interest which might potentially be 'capitalised' where the opportunity to apply for an 'Asset Based Line of Credit' exists.


We cannot provide credit assistance where any particular credit assessment shows the Borrower(s) can't or won't meet the proposed loan repayments without suffering financial hardship; or where the loan facility won't meet the Borrower(s) reasonable requirements, and/or the or Lender(s) particular lending conditions.

In some cases, where Borrower(s) can't meet a Lender's general or special conditions for a loan facility, we can work with specific clients in the role similar to that of a Business Management Consultant, to help them re-position / re-engineer potential credit scenarios into workable, credit-worthy, and often pre-approved lines of credit with fairly specific lending conditions.  In such circumstances we will generally re-negotiate our originally proposed fee structure should any client wish us to act in this capacity.    


Our Focus


Although Viking Capital's major focus is in providing construction and mezzanine finance for property development, Viking also has extensive experience in placing both residential and commercial finance to assist those looking to build their wealth. Our reputation and our achievements since 2008 speak volumes about our capabilities and our track record is second to none in both e institutional markets, as well as in the non-bank / private money sector.


As an 'Authorised Lender Representative' for the FAST, (a key subsidiary of the Ray White Loan Market Group), we have access to dozens of Mortgage and Fund Managers, Public and Private Banks as well as an array of High-Net-Worth Investors throughout Australia, who in conjunction with our own Private Fund, provide a vast array of secured, (and unsecured), mortgages for use by business people, property developers, real property investors in various forms, as well as private individuals. 


Through our unyielding corporate philosophy, and our multiple strategic partnerships and 'value-added' services Viking is an excellent foil for those seeking debt or equity facilities for any worthwhile business purpose or prospective real property investment.


Viking has the necessary skills, professional expertise and industry knowledge to create 'win-win' commercial transactions which forge long term economic benefits not only for borrowers and lenders but also for Australia.


Our Philosophy


At Viking we pride ourselves in dealing with clients, lenders and industry partners, in an honest and straight forward way, and while this approach is not unique in the business world, we wouldn't have it any other way. This means that when you engage Viking you can be assured that we will work towards meeting your financing objectives in a discreet, professional and prudent manner including addressing any parts of a loan proposal which may be deficient.  At Viking we make sure that every credit submission is perfect before it goes up for Lender review and if the deal doesn't look 'bankable' to us for any reason we'll certainly let you know what needs to be done to get the deal back on track.


The Viking Philosophy is the main reason why we are able to place more deals than rivals, because our client commitment is based on providing sound and practical advice at all times, not just telling clients what we think they want to hear in order to justify payment of any irrelevant consulting fees. Never before has the role of a Finance Facilitator been as important as it is for finance applicants in the current market with major banks controlling 90% of business credit, the federal governments undertaking major credit reform and with lending criteria becoming ever tighter in this post GFC / COVID-19 era. 


Our Commitment to Industry Based Compliance


Where required by law and for the purposes of providing consumer credit services under current Acts of Parliament, all of which are found under the following Acts; the National Consumer Credit Code, as amended, Australian Consumer Law, the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act of 2006, Anti-Discrimination Law and the Privacy Act, as amended, Viking remains an active and fully paid-up member of both the FBAA (Finance Broker Association of Australia) and AFCA (Australian Finance Complaints Authority), both of which can assist potential dispute resolutions that may be required from time to time.


In addition to dispute and mediation, Viking is fully committed, under the requirements of its ACR, to all of its undertaking on-going, regulatory based training programs, compliance audits and accredition management to ensure Viking iaconsitently operating under best practice processess, across the wider and ever changing credit advisory and finance industry.          


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