Property Investment Returns
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Property Development - Direct Investment


Viking Capital arranges construction loans for numerous Property Development Projects in Australia every year. These projects typically range from as little as AU $2M in value to well in excess of AU $20M.

With Australian Real Estate outperforming most other investments types both in Australia and Internationally, Viking is very well placed to introduce Investors into new, and highly profitable property developments, where Return on Equity Invested (ROI) can often achieve in the range between 50% > 150% over a 12 > 18 month investment term, depending on the project.

To review current property development projects and their individual investment requirements please visit our web-site to access specific details about each project which was set-up for likely Investors. Note: Please email us to obtain a password for our 'investor Log-In' page as info for each deal is confidential in nature.

We also assist with referrals to independent professional investment advisers (i.e. a lawyer and/or accountant) where required.


Property Development - Mezzanine Investment Fund

The Viking Securities Development & Mortgage Fund, 'The Fund', was set up to provide individual investors with an opportunity to participate in much needed 'mezzanine funding' for Viking funded projects, without the Investors having to take 'an equity position in the project' or alternatively, a second ranking mortgage to secure the Investor's funds.


In this funding model, all mezzanine funding parcels are 'bundled together' with the core construction loan with the mezz funding parcel to be subordinated behind the senior 'core' debt, and with all monies delivered 'jointly' under a first ranking, duly registered mortgage over the raw land and development site to the Developer / Sponsor. 


The likely ROI for investors for these types of deals is generally in the range between 9.0% > 15.0% per annum over a 12 > 18-month loan term with ROIs generally higher where Investor's are prepared to invest above a pre-agreed Loan-to-Value Ratio with the construction Lender depending on the location and type of project, and also the strength of the Developer who is sponsoring / undertaking the property development.

For further details on this Fund and details of our lending products please go to our web-site located at: