COVID-19 Update

Just when we all thought the real property market was about to take-off along comes COVID-19.

Go Figure?

Lets hope common sense prevails over the coming months in the capital market space and that prospective property investors remain tempered and above all, calm.

Our government seems to have the measure of the virus with it's temporary 'hibernation program' creating a financial buffer to help all asset investors, self-funded retirees and the greater population generally …. and even though financial market sentiment is pretty low right now, the fundamental drivers to getting back to a bull market scenario for real-property is literally sitting before our eyes in spades, with;

  • record low loan and bank interest borrowing costs,

  • a continued population growth within our larger metro centres,

  • a significantly reduced pipeline of new developments coming through, (due to previously stagnant and risk averse market conditions over the last few years).

We at Viking Capital Group remain open, ready, willing and able to assist real property investors with any current or future projects, or portfolio maintenance. Just call or email us and we will make ourselves available to assist at any time.

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