Commercial Finance - Apply On-Line


Viking has access to Australia's leading Commercial Lenders and can facilitate finance for the entire spectrum of Borrower needs. At Viking we also understand that each commercial asset has different lending parameters so we carefully prepare loan submissions to provide the optimum approval level.

As part of our assessment process we work closely with clients to understand as much as possible about their specific requirements given that there are many different classes of commercial assets all of which are subject to a wide variety of lending parameters.


Our commercial loan products ranges from straight forward commercial investment loans through to more highly leveraged facilities to cater to all conceivable asset classes. For example we can access the following types of loan products:


Full / Low / No Doc / Solicitor's / Private Loans for all Commercial, Industrial and Retail Properties Leasehold & Freehold Loans for Hotels, Motels, Tourist Resorts, Service Stations, Child & Elderly Care Facilities, Working, Rural Properties (e.g. Plantations, Farms, Equestrian Centers etc.), Non-Recourse Loans for Property Investment Syndicates, Leases for Luxury Motor Vehicles, Motor Yachts, Ships, Passenger Ferries & Aviation Equipment, and also Infrastructure Loans (where the LVR required exceeds current lending parameters and a structured solution is required).


With the costs for commercial loan facilities generally linked to an ability to verify income and profitability, Borrowers generally have a variety of Lending options available with location, asset type and servicing history important factors in gaining approval.