Short Term (& Bridging) Finance - Apply On-Line


Did the Bank say "No" ....  when you needed  ....  RAPID ACTION ???


For those looking to take advantage of a pressing current business opportunities, Viking can assist via the provision of rapid fire 'Short Term Finance' that can be turned around and settled, in some cases, within as little as 48 - 72 hours from time of application submission. 


Apart from access to short term money through our network of private investors, Viking also has its own short term lending Underwriter, so we can offer our own Short Term Loan Solutions secured by either first, and / or second mortgage utlilising either residential or commercial property, land and/or other assets such as business leaseholds / plant and equipment / motor vehicles, with loans considered on a 'case by case' basis.


Rates for short term loans do vary, however, depending on the loan security offered, the financial strength of the Borrower or Applicant, the loan term required and the proposed loan exit strategy but generally speaking the General Short Term Lending Parameters are as follows:


  • 8.00% per annum for 1st Mortgages

  • 22.00% per annum for 2nd Mortgages.

  • Loan Terms > 1 Month to 12 Months

  • Interest either Capitalised or Paid Monthly

  • LVR's on Securities > Up to 80%